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NEWS 2017

12.4. Terveystuloksia/Healthresults,
Hopie (Dashuri Te Hope) silmäpeilauksessa puhtain tuloksin.
Hopie (Dashuri Te Hope) had her eyes examed healty.

11.3. Kouvola LC,
Napsu (Aavatuulen Ahava Neshama Tova) sijoitus/placement 5.  411 p.

23.1. Terveystuloksia/Healthresults,
Hopie (Dashuri Te Hope) sydänultrassa, kaikki ok, harmiton sivuääni 2/6.
Hopie (Dashuri Te Hope) was heartscreened healty. Murmur 2/6.


NEWS 2016

10.9. Orivesi LC,
Hopie (Dashuri Te Hope) sijoitus/placement 13.  460 p. sert/CC. 
Nemea (Aavatuulen Amorfina Nemeah) sijoitus/placement 27. 445 p.

27.8.  Hämeenkyrö LC,
Nemea (Aavatuulen Amorfina Nemeah) sijoitus/placement 12. 363 p.

30.7. Hyvinkää LC,
Nemea (Aavatuulen Amorfina Nemeah) sijoitus/placement 12. 178 p.
Iitu (Aavatuulen Ayla Amidala) sijoitus/placement 13. 160p.

15.5. Lieto LC,
Hopie (Dashuri Te Hope) sijoitus/placement 1. 461 p. sert/CC.
Eetu (Aavatuulen Anakin Skywalker) sijoitus/placement 5. 376 p.
Mysli (Aavatuulen Arcane Malaika) sijoitus/placement 6.  166 p.

8.5. Keuruu LC,
Nemea (Aavatuulen Amorfina Nemeah) sijoitus/placement 5. 251 p.

1.5. Tammela LC,
Ziba sijoitus/placement 1. 515p. sert/CC.

20.3.Kouvola LC,
Nemea (Aavatuulen Amorfina Nemeah) sijoitus/placement 13. 185 p.


NEWS 2015

24.10. V-Litter is here! 5+5

31.8. Ziba has started her LC- and trackcompetitions with great results!
8.8. Mustiala LC, winner with 512 points and CC. Best in Field!
15.8. Hyvinkää LC, winner with 514 points and CC, again Best in Field!
In the track she has two starts with results 2/4 (Helsinki 22.7.) and 3/5 (Hyvinkää 25.7.)

20.7. Plans /Suunitteilla

18.7. LC competition in Tampere: Napsu (Aavatuulen Ahava Neshama Tova) 6. Ziba took also part but lost the lure and got only 109 points.

17.7. Healthresults:
Ziba, Sumsum (Ha'Shamaim Hem Ha'Gvul ruah Midbar), Mortti (Shokran Atarq) and Eetu (Aavatuulen Anakin Skywalker) in eye examination, all have healthy eyes.

29.6. Healthresults:
Ziba and Sumsum(Ha'Shamaim Hem Ha'Gvul Ruah Midbar) and Eetu (Aavatuulen Anakin Skywalker) in heartscreening: All have healthy hearts <3 Sumsums and Morttis(Shokran Atarq) thyroidgland levels normal. Mortti TGA-tested negative.

27.6. Tampere trackracecompetition: Eetu (Aavatuulen Anakin Skywalker) 2.


News 2013

9.9. Healthresults
Aavatuulen Aswad Ameer, Wallaby's Xeer Wi-Zalam and Kiiturin Asser visited heartscreening and bloodtest. Their hearts and thyroidgland values seems to be ok :)

1.9. Tampere Groupshow
Aavatuulen Ahava Neshama Tova EXC
Aavatuulen Arcane Malaika EXC
Aavatuulen Amorfina Nemeah EXC

3.8. Luhtiasaalistus, Hyvinkää
Aavatuulen Aisha Avannah in coursing competition, winning bitches with CC!

9.6. Helsinki Finnish Saluki Show
Aavatuulen Aswad Ameer
Hangmatana n'Agzir
Wallaby's Xeer Wi-Zalam and
Ha'Shamaim Hem Ha'Gvul Ruah Midbar entered the show. Sumsum was 4. in puppyclass and Wiivi was invitated to "best head" -competition.

8.6. Helsinki Finnish Saluki Specialty
Aavatuulen Aswad Ameer OPEN EXC-4, SQ,
Aavatuulen Akuna Kamil JUN-EXC,
Hagakhan n'Agzir JUN-VG,
Hangmatana n'Agzir JUN-VG,
Ha'Shamaim Hem Ha'Gvul Ruah Midbar entered also in puppyclass 7-9months old pups, but no placement.

21.5 Welcome to Finland my Israeli Princess!

 Ha'Shamaim Hem Ha'Gvul Ruah Midbar, "Sumsum"
Sumsum comes from Israeli kennel Ruah Midbar, owned by Michaella Okon.
Visit Sumsums own page, to see more :)
(Pic (c) Ruah Midbar)

5.5. We had a nice day at Tampere Int Dogshow:
Aavatuulen Arcane Malaika JUN EXC-4,
Aavatuulen Amorfina Nemeah JUN-VG,
Aavatuulen Asmar Damir Dax JUN EXC-3,
Hangmatana n'Agzir JUN EXC

13.4. Vaasa int
Aavatuulen Ahava Neshama Tova JUN VG-3

2.3. Kaarina group
Aavatuulen Aswad Ameer OPEN VG-4
Aavatuulen Aisha Avannah OPEN-VG
Aavatuulen Asmar Damir Dax JUN-VG,
Aavatuulen Ayla Amidala OPEN-VG
Hangmatana n'Agzir also took part in puppyclass

News 2012

6.10. Welcome to Finland Hifi and René!!
Late 3.10. arrived two pups from France, Hangmatana and Hagakhan n'Agzir.
We are very happy and grateful to have this beautiful pups here and want to thank their breeder Magali Dumont to make this possible!
hifi rene

6.9. Assers thyroidtest ok

12.6. Asser and Wiivi in heartultrasound - and both prove to be healty!

18.4. A2 litter is here!

24.3. Wiivi was ultrasounded 16.3. We will have puppies on week 16!
Look out pictures here.

22.2. Wiivi visited Beri, hope we have puppies in The end of April! Read more here.

21.1. Turku Inernational dog show, Aavatuulen Aswad Ameer JUN EXC-2, Aavatuulen Ayla Amidala JUN EXC-4

18.10. Wiivis thyroidtest came back ok, also heart ok, no murmurs :)