Kennel Aavatuulen

Kennel Aavatuulen

Tuuli Soukka
21260 Raisio
045 6776 270
tuuli.soukka (at)


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me and Nemea
Me and Nemea (Aavatuulen Amorfina Nemeah (5 months) at summer 2012

Hi there!

I'm Tuuli Soukka from Raisio, a city located in souther Finland. I breed dogs in small scale at home. At first hand all dogs are family members, but we do also shows, lure-coursing and track racing. Right now I have 4 salukis home: Ha'Shamaim Hem Ha'Gvul ruah Midbar "Sumsum", Ziba , Dashuri Te Hope "Hopie" and Sumsums daughter Aavatuulen Vival Velvela "Naa".

I come from countryside surrounded by animals and farms. Our family always had dogs and other animals, and I couldn't imagine no longer life without four-legged! I live in surburb near wonderful environment for outdoor activities. Dogs are usually allowed run free once a day in the forrests or at least frolic at dog park.
Naa and Fuuga from V-litter, age 9 months.

I sell puppies to homes where they are primary treated as family members. I'll be happy if puppybuyers are interested go shows, racing or coursing, but it is not a condition for getting puppy from our kennel. However I can sure that it's a wonderful feeling, when you first time see your saluki hunting the bunny from heart desires. If you have even a little interest to take your dog in some competitions, I surely give all support I just can. Don't hesitate to ask help! Have had it myself, the first time in showring and track side and some BIG butterflies in the stomach..

Saluki is a breed worth to become acquainted with! Welcome aboard ;)

Tuuli & salukis